Lyda's Thoughts

20 April 1980
I live in Cartersville, Ga with my husband, Jonathan, and four children, Nicholas 6, Logan 3, and Ethan and Ryan 4 months. We got married September 12, 1999 in Jonathan's parents' backyard in Kennesaw, Ga. It was a small ceremony, but perfect for us. We lived in Biloxi, MS for 2 years before moving back to GA. That's where Nicky was born. We've been all around North GA ever since in Woodstock, Marietta, Cartersville, Adairsville and back to Cartersville again.
I LOVE to sing. I'm in the Praise Team "Set Apart" at my church, First Baptist of Emerson. I love crocheting (blankets mostly), painting ceramics (come around during Christmastime and you'll see them all over), reading (I have books everywhere!), cooking and baking (thankfully I now have an army I can cook for to eat it all), watching movies (I'll watch anything but horror pretty much), keeping up with my favorite TV shows (sometimes that gets complicated. I need a TiVo or something), going dancing (which doesn't happen enough anymore), and hanging out and playing with my family. I'm so happy because I can FINALLY get back to working off this baby weight after having a c-section with the twins. I love all my guys, but sometimes it gets really interesting being the only woman in a testosterone ocean. Thank God I was tomboyish when I was younger or I'd never fit in, lol. Other than all that I'm pretty much just a housewife and mom. Sound boring? Trust me, my life is a lot crazier than it sounds. If you don't believe me, come over for awhile and you'll find out quick. If you know me or want to know me, send me a message. If you have Yahoo messenger I'm nightlyeclipse on that too. Later! *muah*