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She's at it again...

Well, the lady in Gwinnett County (not far from me) is again trying to ban the Harry Potter books from the Gwinnett County schools. She has been denied something like 7 times at this point. She says she has "skimmed" the books and feels that they promote witchcraft and belief in the occult. Honestly, if she had actually read the books, I'm sure she'd understand that the "witchcraft" is actually more of a secondary plot aside from friendship, overcoming odds, and the fight between good and evil. I am a Christian and I've read, and re-read, the books and I don't feel that these books promote witchcraft or magic any more than books like the Chronicles of Narnia (a Christian series), or J.R.R. Tolkien. Why doesn't she think those other books promote these things too?

She's not the first to attack the Harry Potter series either. The thing that gets me is I don't hear about anyone questioning any other series' that are quite similar. When I was younger I read things like A Wrinkle in Time and it's sequals, the Chronicles of Narnia books, and quite a few others with "magic" in them. I can tell you that not one of them made me question whether or not any of those things were real or if my belief in God was wrong. Why? Because I knew it was just a fictional story and I was taught by my parents what was real and what was not. I read those books and still believe in God. J.K. Rowling has never claimed the things she puts in her books to be real and she's never said anything in her books to agree or disagree with any religion. She's even said in different interviews that it's just stories that she thought of many years ago and wanted to write them down so other people could enjoy them too. She never thought they'd become as popular as they did, it just happened.

If this lady doesn't want her kids reading these books because of what she believes is in them, that's her perogative. But I don't think that should affect the rest of the kids in the county. I don't think those books are evil or any more or less real than any of the other books out there for young adult readers. What's next; Eragon?

I'm not saying any of this just because I like the books. I just think if she wanted to go after books that promote "witchcraft" or "magic" she should go after all of them and not focus on just one series. I'm not judging her as a person either. I don't know her from Eve. I'm just speaking out because I think she AND the media are making this into a bigger deal than it really needs to be, call me weird. LOL
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